Looking for a vegan-friendly bespoke holiday?

Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple, or a family, we can source a number of vegan holiday options for you. Whether it be vegan cruises, yoga breaks, ethical safaris, multi-centre city breaks, or a family holiday in Disneyland – we can put a package together for you.

Friendly & Supportive

These holidays may not come with a host, but we’re enthusiastic about taking the hard work out of holiday planning for you. If you’re happy, we’re happy! Just give us a call to discuss your needs.


As vegans, we understand the difficulties when it comes to finding not just the right location, but also the right accommodation. We’ve close links with vegan travel businesses in various locations across the world, and also have our eyes constantly open for news on the most highly rated vegan-friendly hotels and restaurants.

An ear to the ground

We’re always researching the best places to stay, but also to eat. We can offer you plenty of hints and tips about where to shop and where to dine, making eating out more about good judgement than luck.

Our partners

As well as contacts with vegan hotels, cruises and tours around the world, we also work with a number of travel partners to help us build fully financially protected holidays. Some you’ll have heard of, such as Intrepid and P&O, and others who are smaller but highly specialised in their areas, such as Captivating Cuba and Back-roads Touring.