How To Find Cheap Flights

How to find cheap flights

We don’t always book flights for our customers. There are two reasons for this:

•  Not everyone wants to fly. From an environmental perspective, frequent flying isn’t the best choice, and quite a lot of our destinations can be reached by rail within a day (which we can arrange).
•  The hardest part is sometimes getting from the airport to your accommodation, and however you reach your destination, we can still arrange your transfers.

    Here I’m going to show you how we at Kindred Traveller find our bargain flights when we go on our own holidays.

    Finding the cheapest flights that work for you is as simple as using a combination of two online tools: Google Flights and Skyscanner or Momondo. There are some pros and cons to these methods, so let’s take look.

    Google Flights:

    Great at:
    • Identifying the best travel dates
    • Quick, general searches
    • Great for filtering your search

    Less effective at:
    • Identifying error fares
    • Finding the cheapest price

    Skyscanner and Momondo:

    Great at:
    • Finding the cheapest prices
    • Picking up on error fares

    Less effective at:
    • Identifying the best travel dates
    • Filtering your search

    What is Google Flights?

    Google Flights is a flight aggregator and search tool which searches and displays flights and fares from all major airlines around the globe. It should be one of your primary ports of call in your search for a cheap flight.

    Why use Google Flights?

    The flights and fares on Google Flights come direct from the airlines, and so are usually very accurate. As it has the most useful search functionality and a really useful calendar tool, I start here when I want to trawl through months of flights and identify the best fares for my route.

    1. Go to Google Flights
    Select your departure and destination airports as required – but don’t click search yet, first look at the calendar to see what dates offer the lowest price. Click on the departure date box and prices will begin to load next to dates within moments. Note the option at the bottom of the calendar window, which allows you to adjust the length of trip – this will affect the prices, so alter accordingly.

    Using Google Flights

    This method will quickly show you what the cheapest dates are to fly – they’re coloured green.

    Once you’ve chosen your preferred departure date, the calendar will adjust to display the total journey cost based on your return date. Select your preferred return date and you’ll then be given a list of flights and fares and Google will suggest what it thinks are the ‘best’ options for you. However, their ‘best’ option may not be what works best for your needs. This is where the filter comes in.

    2. Filter your results
    You may want to exclude an airline that doesn’t provide vegan meals or has poor customer service, or simply avoid flights that aren’t direct.

    You can use filters to specify baggage, number of stops, airlines, price range, times for departure and return, and connecting routes. Look out for the ‘More’ button, which hides a flight duration filter – this enables you to see flights with stops, and weed out long layovers at airports.

    Once you’ve set your filters, click on the date boxes again to see your refreshed results.

    3. Select your flight
    When you select your departure flight a list of return flights, along with the total fare, will load.
    Once you select your preferred flight combination, Google will list the options to book through (e.g. Jet2, Expedia, etc.)

    Google Flights search results

    You can now go ahead and book at this point if you’re happy with the price. But if you’re still on the lookout for a potentially cheaper flight, then you’ll want to move onto Skyscanner or Momondo.

    Momondo tends to display more results as it covers more providers, so they’re usually my preferred option over Skyscanner. However, I often check both.

    Searching Momondo:

    So you’ve selected your best dates via Google Flights. Now go to

    Click ‘search’, and your results will come through, listing your best results along with a calendar bar showing best price dates, like this:

    How to use Momondo

    Searching Skyscanner:

    If you want to check Skyscanner, go to and enter your flight dates from Google Flights. Click search, and make sure you wait for the green bar to finish loading to see your complete results.

    How to use Skyscanner

    Whichever site you choose to book through, it’s just a question of clicking on the deal to take you through to the relevant booking page.

    If you still have more questions, feel free to drop us an email at  and we’ll be happy to help.

    Happy flying!


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