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How to have a Lockdown Holiday

Like many countries around the world, the UK is now several weeks into a period of ‘lockdown’ as we all try to limit physical interaction with those from outside our own household, and do our best to stay stocked up on toilet roll and Oatly – the latter being the priority for me.

For many, this has been a period of uncertainty and anxiety. For those that are key workers, the grave concerns around exposure and a lack of PPE, and for the rest of us the ever present worry about how long we’ll be separated from our loved ones, and how long we can stretch our funds at a time of economic unpredictability.

At a time when our movement is most restricted, it’s not surprising that we’re all craving a holiday more than ever before. Kindred Traveller may not be able to take you away on a relaxing break right now, but we can bring the holiday to you! So, here is our guide to a ‘Lockdown Holiday’, and how you can bring your holiday to your living room.

The Atmosphere

First, it’s important to address your surroundings. I don’t mean getting the vac and polish out, as allegedly we’re all cleaning like crazy right now (are we though?!), I mean building a suitable environment for either a stimulating or relaxing holiday.

Create a relaxing corner by bringing your indoor plants together (bet you’re glad you bought one of those ubiquitous Ikea palms now), create a comfy sun lounger with cushions, or just pop your feet up on your footstool.

If you’re looking for more of a city-break vibe, dig out an old checked sheet to drape across your dining table and pop a lit candle in the centre. Try to picture yourself people watching in a busy italian square.

Whatever location you’re trying to recreate, there’s a live camera that you can stream on your tv or laptop. Missing the warm sand and sea? Try the live webcam in Koh Samui, Thailand or check out the sunsets over Jensen Beach Florida. How about a city-scape? Then I’d head to Skyline Web Cams for your pick of the bunch. Wherever you want to be, a quick google will bring you a stunning view.

The Soundtrack

All manner of sound effects can be accessed via your computer or smart device , from the lapping sound of the ocean to the hustle and bustle of a city market. Some of you may opt for music that reminds you of your favourite break. For something more entertaining I’d recommend a good travel podcast, and I’d recommend The Travel Diaries where host Holly Rubenstein talks to special guests about their favourite travel memories. If you’re looking for something with real humour, then try No Shitting in the Toilet (named after a sign in a Chinese cafe), where the stories are about when travel goes wrong but results in some of the most amazing experiences. Both of these can be streamed via Apple or Google Podcast apps, or via the links provided.

The Activity

Holidays revolve, at least in part, around food. Personally, I spend at least half of my day thinking about what and where I’m going to eat. Well there’s no need for that to be any different when you’re at home. Whilst your current food stocks in the home may require a little flexibility on the ingredient front, I’d recommend my favourite YouTube vegan food channel, Vegan International. German, Moroccan, Thai, or Spanish – there’s masses of recipes and video guides to follow.

Let’s not forget the drinks either. I’m inherently quite lazy when it comes to booze, and in seconds just whip up a vegan Baileys and Kahlua mix. Some of you may want to get more creative, and there’s some great ideas from The Vegan Society. Why not video call some friends, and have a cocktail night? It might help to get some of those holiday party vibes going.

Cocktail at the beach
Pineapple is optional

Our Lockdown Travel Competition

If you’re looking for a fun activity, and the chance to win a £150 travel voucher (valid until the end of 2021), why not enter our competition via Instagram or Facebook. All you need to do is create your own mini replica of a world famous monument or building using household items, snap a pic, and share it with us on social media.